Course Description

Behavioral euthanasia often causes moral stress, which is a significant contributor to compassion fatigue in veterinarians. The goal of this module is to reduce moral stress in veterinarians and others while considering the best interests of animals.

Course curriculum

    1. Behavioral and Convenience Euthanasia

    2. Behavioral Euthanasia Veterinary Policies Templates

    3. Quality of Life and Human–Animal Bond Assessment for Companion Dogs

    4. Multidimensional quality of life and human–animal bond measures for companion dogs

    5. Behavioral Euthanasia Discussion Guide

    6. Final Exam

About this course

  • $60.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Katherine Grillaert

Katherine Grillaert is an anthrozoologist and professional animal behavior consultant, and advocate for behavioral wellness. She specializes in behavior problem prevention, and rehabilitation of fearful, anxious, and aggressive dogs. This work has led her to create a program and tools to support families, rescues, and veterinarians facing significant behavior challenges, and who may find themselves in the difficult position of considering behavioral euthanasia. Katherine has earned several professional certifications as a dog trainer, behavior consultant, and educator. She has presented her behavior research at academic and professional conferences, and has been published in the Association of Professional Dog Trainers' quarterly industry magazine. Katherine is currently finishing her master’s thesis at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria. Dr. Kathleen Cooney, co-presenter, is the Founder and Director of Education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy.