Course Description

This module demonstrates species-specific euthanasia for companion exotics such as small mammals, reptiles, and birds. The purpose is to introduce the various techniques used in these animals compared to dogs and cats and shed light on the complexities they bring.  Attention will be given to predominantly injectable techniques, with some content on physical euthanasia methods. We will review how veterinarians manage these cases respectfully and compassionately.  1 CE credit following brief quiz and survey.

Course curriculum

    1. Exotic Euthanasia Module

    2. End of Module Quiz

    3. Exotics Euthanasia Survey

About this course

  • $60.00
  • 3 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


CHPV, CPEV, DACAW resident Dr. Kathleen Cooney

Dr. Kathleen Cooney has been practicing advanced end-of-life care since 2006. She is the founder and Senior Director of Medical Education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA). Dr. Cooney is well known for her work in companion animal euthanasia and is an author and international speaker on the subject. She is a strong advocate for best practices in all aspects of end-of-life care and loves all things old and gray.