Student Resource Library

graduates of the Master Program receive permanent access to the library.

The Resource Library holds numerous documents, articles, and research to both support your learning and offer useful tools for your team. Now includes our fully recorded euthanasia appointment videos to demonstrate the comprehensive use of our 14 Essential Components.

Resources Include:

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    CAETA Logo for Graduate Use

    • CAETA Logo

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    CAETA Licensed Printable Materials

    • Understanding Companion Animal Euthanasia Brochure- Digital Download

    • CAETA Licensed Pet Loss Guide- Digital Download

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    Honored Stories: Euthanasia Recordings

    • Introduction - Please read

    • Honored Stories: Cholo

    • Honored Stories: Cinnamon

    • Honored Stories: Darth

    • Honored Stories: Grace

    • Honored Stories: Jilly

    • Honored Stories: Boars

    • Honored Stories: Nylee

    • Honored Stories: Scyla and Eddy

  • 5

    Euthanasia Guidelines

    • 2020 AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals

    • HSUS Euthanasia Reference Manual 2013

    • 2016 AAHA/IAAHPC End-of-Life Care Guidelines

    • 2017 IAAHPC Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Guidelines

    • ICAM-Euthanasia Guide; The welfare basis for euthanasia of dogs and cats and policy development

    • AVMA Euthanasia State by State Laws; Who can and cannot perform euthanasia

  • 6

    Euthanasia Team Training Manual

    • About the Team Training Manual

    • Download the Euthanasia Team Training Manual

  • 7

    Sedation / Anesthesia Protocols

    • CAETA Program Oral Sedative Handout

    • Serenity Now

    • 2022 Recommended Pre-Euthanasia Sedation and Anesthesia Protocols

  • 8

    Euthanasia Technique

    • CAETA IntraOrgan Illustrations

    • CAETA Euthanasia Technique Laboratory Supplemental Material

    • Technique for Intracardiac Injection (Smith)

    • AJVR- The use of intrarenal injection of sodium pentobarbital for euthanasia in cats

  • 9

    Client Communication, Decision-Making and Bereavement

    • CAETA Euthanasia Procedure Wording and Descriptions

    • A More Meaningful Approach to Companion Animal Euthanasia

    • Article - Because One Shoe Doesn't Fit All

    • A National Survey of Companion Animal Owners’ Self-Reported Methods of Coping Following Euthanasia

    • Impacts of the process and decision making around companion animal euthanasia on veterinary wellbeing

    • Paper: Veterinarians' role for pet owners facing pet loss

    • Owner response to companion animal death: development of a theory and practical implications

    • Humane euthanasia and companion animal death: caring for the animal, the client and the veterinarian

    • Changing Protocols Surrounding Euthanasia

    • End-of-Life Issues in United States Veterinary Medicine Schools

    • Exploring pet owners’ experiences and self-reported satisfaction and grief following companion animal euthanasia

    • Veterinary Social Workers: Services for Clients

    • Veterinary Social Workers- What do we do?

    • “What Would You Do?”: How Cat Owners Make End-of-Life Decisions and Implications for Veterinary-Client Interactions

    • Using electronic health records to explore negotiations around euthanasia decision making for dogs and cats in the UK

  • 10

    Business and Well-being

    • The 14 Essential Components of Companion Animal Euthanasia

    • Euthanasia and Disposition Consent Form

    • Emotionally Intelligent Euthanasia

    • Why You Need Emotional Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine

    • Importance of documenting euthanasia decision-making in patients' medical records (Vet Record) 2022

  • 11

    Master Program Proceedings and Notes

    • Proceedings General Information

    • Module 1 Proceedings

    • Module 2 Proceedings

    • Module 3 Proceedings

    • Module 4 Proceedings

    • Module 5 Proceedings

    • Module 6 Proceedings

    • Module 10 Proceedings

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    Research Requiring Permissions to View

    • Exploring pet owners’ experiences and self-reported satisfaction and grief following companion animal euthanasia

  • 13


    • Freeze-Dried Pets Are Forever

    • A new company will compost your pet

    • Cremation Services upon the Death of a Companion Animal: Views of Service Providers and Service Users

    • Pet Owners' Expectations for Pet End-of-LIfe Support and After-death Body Care: Exploration and Practical Applications (2021)

  • 14

    Pet Loss Support Resources

    • Pet Loss Support for CAETA website

    • CAETA pet loss books

    • Exploring how veterinary professionals perceive and use grief support resources to support companion animal caregivers in Ontario, Canada

  • 15

    Euthanasia Education

    • Euthanasia Education in Veterinary Schools in the United States (Cooney, Dickinson, Hoffmann 2020)